AmpliTube 3.5

Tone studio app with amp and effects modeler for the guitar and bass

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    6.4 (90)

Amplitube, by IK Multimedia, is an effects processor and amplifier simulator for live input, intended mainly to be used with the guitar. With a variety of effects pedals and amp models, Amplitube allows the user unlimited creativity and control over his or her sound. While it may not be the software to use in a larger-scale production, Amplitube is great for the beginner-to-intermediate guitarist and digital home studio musician, boasting 250 unique pieces of digital gear to craft your sounds from.


  • Endlessly customizable: While it would take tens of thousands of dollars in analog gear to have this wide of an array of sounds, Amplitube delivers nearly infinite options for users to customize their sound straight out of the box. Combine all different effects, amplifiers and cabinets to forge new and original guitar tones or simply start from a preset.
  • Easy to use: With a simple and straightforward interface, users will easily be able to navigate even the more complex features of Amplitube.
  • Built-in recording mode: Forgoing the need for a separate digital audio workstation to host the program, users may record their own compositions directly into Amplitube, to process however they please afterward.


  • Digital sound: While powerful and usable for less-professional recordings, Amplitube cannot deliver the same range of sound and warmth as analog gear.
  • Steeply priced: While the free version allows users 24 pieces of simulated gear to choose from, the full version starts at $200, along with some other gear needing to be downloaded as in-app purchases.
  • Cheap-sounding effects: While not true of all the effects included, some of them have a rather cheap and poor sound to them, such as the pitch-shifter and some of the rack effects, whose functions might be better suited to other programs.

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